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Last week 41 companies fund research department store concern China fund newspaper reporter Fang Li recent market subdued, fund research tends to be stable. Data show that last week, the fund’s 41 listed companies, department stores and other industries are closely watched by the fund. According to the China Daily reporter Fund statistics, by more than 5 fund "research group" last week has 5 listed companies, the number of the previous two week decline. One concern is seagull bathroom, September 6th, CAF Agricole, Bo and other fund research seagull bathroom, Gao Yi, King Lam, shangya and other private institutions are also involved in the investigation. From the investigation of the announcement, the prospects for the development of the housing industry, Chinese seagull bathroom is Youchao the whole assembly Focus Fund concern. At the same time, Changqing group also has focused on research fund. In September 6th, southern Qianhai, open source, CCB, China life security, China Minsheng fund company Research Ltd. The fund focuses on projects to develop the pace of design, project funding needs, how to solve the water project lever of PPP mode, how to consider the 2016 year set by the progress of the project, a framework agreement landing possibility, the second half performance forecast etc.. In the light of the lightning protection and Westone last week also has a number of research funds. In September 7th 8, fortune SGAM, the Great Wall, the East, the Silver Lion, Zhongrong, Yinhua Fund companies such as research in light of lightning; Zhongrong, Yinhua, lion, Oriental fund company research westone. Overall, last week, the fund’s research subdivision industry reached 27, the industry has improved dispersion compared with the previous week, the focus is the industry leader in the field of segmentation. The focus of attention is the department store, electronic components, household appliances, industrial machinery, metal and nonmetal, etc.. It is worth noting that the department store industry, friends of the A shares in Huaan, Yinhua, abc-ca fund company research; Changsheng, Nord, Cathay Pacific, UBS SDIC is investigation of the Wuhan Department A Bo and other company research; the grandbuy.相关的主题文章:

Real control of the arbitrage new law the right hand of the left hand premium discount will increase

The actual control "arbitrage" Law: the left hand right hand set by "discount premium bonds for three years will increase because of the discount rate is high, the popular listed company actual control people; and private equity may exchange the debt generally high premium, so take the issue of private equity may exchange the debt financing to fund the subscription period of three years increase can be effective achieve arbitrage." An investment bank said. "Private equity may exchange the debt + three year period set by the" left high premium on the issue of private right may exchange the debt, high discount rate set by the subscription period of three years, a large arbitrage space "inspired" listed company actual control people in pursuit of this "arbitrage" new gameplay. However, the play from the moment of birth in the gray zone of regulation in the travel. In addition, because of the involvement of a period of three years set by the game, around the private creditors may exchange the guide right becomes more and more complicated. Arbitrage new play Li Chao (a pseudonym) is a real control of a listed company, the company plans to set up three years in the future will increase the plan, there are plans to subscribe to the Li Chao. However, just had no cash holdings, "surplus" he is how to raise capital at. Until recently, an investment bank, Wang Gang (a pseudonym) came to visit, Li Chao introduced a can for the rescue artifact – Private exchangeable bonds. According to Wang Gang introduction, may exchange the debt refers to the listed company’s shares holders of its shares held by the mortgage to depository institutions and bonds holders, in some future period in accordance with the agreed conditions for the bond issuer in exchange for equity mortgage. "In 2008, there were Tentative Provisions for exchangeable debt, but it has been lukewarm. As the policy is relaxed, credit debt "rigid payment is broken," "asset shortage" is spreading from the beginning of the second half of last year, may exchange the debt began to heat up, especially the issue of flexible private exchangeable bonds, and more recently the fire was in a complete mess." Wang Gang told the China Securities Journal reporter. From the view of investors, private equity may exchange the debt of both stocks and bonds, back into the attack and defend; from the perspective of private issuers, exchangeable bonds can be used for financing, and convenient reduction, so the steel supply and demand. For Li Chao, due to the use of structured products to participate in the three year period has been set by regulators halted, equity pledge financing costs are too high, and the pledge of the discount rate, in contrast, private equity may exchange the debt with the competition coupon dropped lower and lower, more and more low cost. Private exchangeable debt + three years set by the combination has become a new way of arbitrage, causing more and more listed companies interested in the real control. "The three years period will increase because of the discount rate is high, so popular with the listed company actual control people; and private equity may exchange the debt generally high premium, so take the issue of private equity may exchange the debt financing to fund for a period of three years will increase can effectively achieve arbitrage." Wang Gang said. Although the play is not a lot of cases, but it is enough to provide the real control of listed companies to provide inspiration". In December 24, 2015, Merck Home Furnishing as an example, the controlling shareholder of the company swept all three years period set by the program approved by the Commission; then, the controlling shareholder of the group in December 2015 and January 2016 issue of Markor two private may exchange the debt – 15 EB and 16 grams EB grams. Among them, the above fixed price increase of 10.57 yuan shares, while the number of two;相关的主题文章: